Monday, September 24, 2012

Wedding Weekend Recap

You know those weekends where you need another weekend to recover? This was one of those. It was fun, just exhausting! We had a good friend's wedding to attend and my husband was also in the wedding, so we went to the rehearsal/dinner on Friday night, and then had all day wedding activities on Saturday! Here are just a couple pictures we took. There was lots of dancing, and we even incorporated a couple Insanity moves into our dances ;-)

After we got back Sunday i made a grocery run and put together a quick dinner. We grilled turkey burgers (bought pre-pattied from Trader Joes) with Munster cheese, tomato and spinach. We also grilled some zucchini to go with it:
This was a yummy, quick dinner. I always love a turkey or chicken burger. We also had enough leftover for lunch today.
I also pre-baked some sweet potatoes for lunch and separated out some granola and carrots into snack bags. I always find it a lot easier to have it already put together, so then you can just grab what you want that morning, rather than wasting the time to pack it all up (and sleep a little longer of course ;-))

For dinner tonight we made some spaghetti with the lean ground turkey we bought, and sauteed some yellow and orange peppers to go in it. We used some whole wheat pasta we already had in the pantry and added a spinach salad on the side.

Today also started the second week of Insanity, we did the Pure Cardio and resistance for the second time. It was one of those days where i collapsed on the floor when it was over! It was a tough one, but it felt good! I am looking forward to the workouts to come the rest of the week! I am also looking forward to all the good shows starting back this week! As if i don't already have enough to watch with Prison Break!

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