Friday, September 21, 2012

Fitness Friday

And Fitness Friday it was, whew! But I won't start on that yet. Let me back track to yesterday. Yesterday was Recovery Day!! Woo hoo. This does not mean an OFF day, there is actually a recovery workout DVD in Insanity. I really enjoyed this, it was a nice break from the soreness. This 30 min DVD included A LOT of stretching, which felt great. There were a lot of yoga poses in there, which were pretty tough. You were feeling the burn for sure with all the pulsing squats and lunges, but in the end my body felt much better and I still broke a little sweat.

Then it was time to make dinner! We had some Salmon in the freezer we got from Trader Joes. They have a lot of good frozen seafood for a good price. We thawed that out and baked it on 375 for about 20 minutes with some spices and lemon juice on it. Lemon juice is key!
We also sauteed some peppers (red, orange and yellow) in olive oil and salt and pepper:

And then, my favorite side i have made so far, homemade sweet potato fries/wedges. These turned out awesome, way better than store bought ones. I just sliced them up, and baked them on 375 with olive oil and salt (I would prefer sea salt). They baked for about 30 min, then i turned them on broil the last 5 minutes to get them crispy. Yum yum!

Overall, this meal turned out great and took less than an hour!

After this it was time to relax and watch the DVR'd Big Brother Finale! (Spoiler Alert) I was totally team Ian, so I was really glad he won, with his socially award and dorky self.

Today's Insanity work out was Pure Cardio. We did this one this morning, and it was Rough to say the least! We had been warned about this one, it was indeed hard, but I liked it. There was the usual warm-up and stretch, but with this one, you would do a full 1 minute of each exercise, with no breaks. I cannot even remember how many exercises it was, i lost count, maybe 10? maybe more, who knows! All I know, is by the end i was about to die. Dang you Saun T!!
He did actually cuss on this DVD too at the end, which they bleeped out, but it made me laugh, and glad he thought it was as hard as I did! He does tell you to stop and break/get water if you need it, which we did. But eventually I want to be able to make it through without stopping....we will see.

That was the last DVD, so we have gone through all of them now. I am glad i now know what to expect with each one. We have one more workout for the week, Sunday is supposed to be the OFF day, but it may be Saturday, just depends on how the weekend works around our workout.

I am glad we made it through the week and can now enjoy the weekend knowing we were active and healthy all week!

Now it is coffee and work time! Hope everyone has a fantastic (and fitness filled) Friday!

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