Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Insanity Fit Test Recap

So yesterday I completed my first Insanity workout. This was the Fit Test. It consisted of 8 exercises, where you complete as many of each exercise within 1 minute. You then get a 1 minute break in between each. There is also a warm-up and cool-down, so about a 30-min work out total. This is pretty short considering i am used to 1 hour work outs, but each minute was very intense.

 I will have to post my Fit test results later when i have them on hand, but for now, below is a list of the exercises that had to be performed:

1. Switch Kicks - Jump kicks, alternating legs. 2 kicks - 1 rep
2. Power Jacks - Jumping jacks where you land in squat position
3. Power Knees - In a slight lunge position bring knee to hand. only perform on 1 leg.
4. Power Jumps - Jump in air and bring knees to slap hands. Keep knees bent.
5. Globe Jumps - Squat jump by touching ground and jump with hands in air. Go around the world, 4 jumps = 1 rep.
6. Suicide Jumps - Burpees
7. Push-up Jacks - Push-up, when go down spread legs apart, bring back together when go back up.
8. Low Plank Oblique - In plank position, bring alternating knee to elbow.

This Fit test was pretty tough, and as you would expect, the longer down the list, the harder it gets. By the time you get to the end you are exhausted. My lungs were hurting, and that has not happened in a long time. I would have to say the toughest of the workouts was the Power Jumps and the push-ups jacks. I dont think i did terrible, but it will be interesting to see the improvement after each Fit Test. You do a total of 5 fit tests, 1 at the beginning, 2nd half way through the 1st month, 3rd at end of the first month, 4th half way through 2nd month, and 5th at the end of the 60 days. I am not really sore today from this, but i know this will change after my full workout today, this will be a full 40 minute workout. Recap on that will come later.

As far as food, Breakfast and lunch yesterday were nothing new, another smoothie for breakfast, only difference is I added kale in this time. Lunch was another wrap with some sweet potato chips. Below is one of my snacks for the day, almonds and banana chips:

Dinner was really yummy! We had baked swordfish, roasted brussel sprouts and quinoa. The swordfish was baked with lemon juice with some misc spices we had in our cabinet. The brussel sprouts were roasted with olive oil, salt and pepper, and for the quinoa i added some sriracha hot sauce! We have never cooked swordfish, and it turned out great, i would definitely do it again, i may like it better than tuna actually. Brussel sprouts.....not my fav. I think roasted is the best way to cook them, but they definitely stink up the house, and I can only eat a couple until I am tired of them. So this may not be a staple in our house.

We switched up breakfast this morning, it was a Cinamin Crumpet from Trader Joes. This is a lighter, fluffier version of an english muffin. The texture is strange, and I only like it toasted. Without it toasted, it is a little too dry for my taste. I added almond butter on top and sliced up a banana.

Hope everyone had a healthy and happy Monday! It has been rainy and dreary here, but that doesn't mean you can't still be active! I'll be back later with Fit Test results and a recap of today's full Insanity workout!

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