Monday, September 24, 2012

Sunday Shopping List

So i got a lot of hits on my Shopping List post from last week, so I thought I would do it again and possibly make it a regular thing. I will be posting a Weekend recap later, but when we got back from our busy weekend I was able to make it out to Trader Joes and get plenty of groceries for the whole week.

So here is a list of what I purchased:

Lean Turkey Burgers
Lean Ground Turkey (I actually prefer ground chicken, but they did not have any)
Frozen Salmon
Frozen Tilapia
Frozen Tuna Steaks

Green beans
Sweet Potatoes
Stir Fry Veggie Pack (pre-cut package of stir fry veggies, fresh, not frozen)
Pepper (yellow and orange)
Baby carrots
Butternut Squash

Frozen Strawberries
Frozen Mango

English Muffins
Pumpkin Spiced Granola
Multi Grain Pancake Mix
Sweet Potato Chips

Greek yogurt (honey, pumpkin and strawberry/vanilla flavored)
Horseradish flavored hummus

There will be lots of good meals in there! I have never cooked butternut squash before, so I am interested to see how it will turn out. Any suggestions or tips are welcome!

I think i also found a new favorite snack today.....Honey flavored greek yogurt with the pumpkin spiced granola, oh my goodness, SO Good. Try it! :-)

I'll be back later with a weekend recap and some dinner meal pics :-)

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  1. I love butternut can peel it with a vegtable peeler...then scoop out the seeds. Cut it in chunks...roast it with olive oil and salt...or any spices. You can eat it like that or I make soup...using veggie broth..onions, garlic, cayenne pepper..then put the roasted squash in and let cook....blend with hand blender and top with plain yogurt and cilantro...mmmmmmmmmmm