Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Results are in.....

The long awaited results are here!! I know you all have been anxiously waiting on this, so I will not torture you any longer ;-)

1st Fit Test Results (Descriptions Here):
Switch Kicks - 62
Power Jacks - 55
Power Knees - 82
Power Jumps - 32
Globe Jumps - 12
Suicide Jumps - 13
Push Up Jacks - 16
Low Plank Oblique - 25

So there you have it, based on the results of the people on the video, some I am significantly lower than, and some I am right about the same. We will see how I improve (or don't improve, which would be embarrassing :-)).

Since my last post, I have done 2 full Insanity workouts. Yesterday after work the Husband and I did the Plyometric Cardio Circuit. I think it was tough not knowing what to expect, so I wasn't sure when to push my  hardest and when to hold back a bit. It's 40 minutes total, with warm up and cool down. It started into the warm up, which was pretty tough, and I actually thought we were going straight into the full workout. But he gets you a little sweaty and loose, then you start to stretch, which i like. It's a nice little break after getting your blood pumping. Right after that, you go into the High Intensity workouts. They are about 3 minutes of high intensity (30 sec per exercise) non stop, then a 30 sec water break. You do this about 4 times. It is tough that's for sure, but thankfully not that long, and they have a count down on the TV, so you know exactly how much longer you have of the total workout, each exercise and when a water break is coming up. This is all cardio work, it used some of the fit test exercises and then several others. By the end, i was definitely dripping sweat, our poor hard word floors are going to need to get mopped pretty often now. To be truthful, i cant even remember the workouts we did in this one, i think i was just trying to get through it without taking the break allotted, but i still had to stop for a couple seconds here and there.

It is nice to be home working out, and to be able to start dinner right after, versus driving home from the gym. By 7 we were done and already making dinner. For dinner we baked some chicken (mine with just spices, The Accountant's with spices and a BBQ sauce). He ate his by its self, while i put mine in a whole wheat flax seed tortilla (from Trader Joes) and used this new Pesto Spread I got from World market, then topped it with mozz cheese:

My tortilla kinda fell apart while flipping it in the pan :-/. I also made a quick black bean, corn and tomato salad for the side. This meal turned out really well, i love pesto, then with the chicken and mozz cheese, it was awesome!

Lunch yesterday was a mix of leftovers and new stuff. I had the leftover brussel sprouts (still not a big fan and they stunk up the office), a baked sweet potato (which i baked the night before when cooking the swordfish), and a spinach salad with quinoa and mozz cheese on top:

The workout this morning was Pure Cardio and Resistance. This one had the same layout as the previous, warm up, stretch, then full on high intensity workout. This one was tougher i think, because of the strength part, there were a lot of push ups, of all different kinds. I had never seen some of these types of push-ups before, but I could def feel the burn! I think the moving push up was the worst, where you move your hands and feet to the left push up, then to the right, push up, and keep going. That was in the middle of your High intensity work out, so you are already worn out. I sweat a lot today too! Which i like, but, a little risky on the hardwoods. We kept a towel near by to keep wiping it up. It was a little rough on the wrists too with all the different push ups, but i guess your wrists get stronger the more you do.

So that's my experience so far! So far, so good. The workouts are similar to what I thought, but overall it is harder than i imagined, and I sweat a lot more than I thought I would!

Tonight's dinner is....Indian!! I never really eat Indian, so I have no clue what to order, but I will be sure to take some pics!

....catch ya on the flip side!

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