Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Pumpkin all around

Within the past week it has really started to feel like fall. I had a full gym workout planned for the day but then the hubs and I decided to go for a run outside instead since the weather was so nice. I was a little hesitant at first, considering I had not done a forreal run outside in months.

Recently I have been obsessed with only doing group fitness classes at the gym. Group fitness classes have always been my favorite type of exercise, but i knew i needed to try and mix in some running. So we found a route (not really sure how long it would be) and it ended up being a perfectly routed 5K, which I did suprising well considering the lack of running. I know i have been doing consistant cardio, but i always feel like running is so different and if you do not do it for a while, it's tough to get back into it.

This weather is perfect for outside exercise, i just sometimes feel like if i don't go workout RIGHT after work (my gym is a mile down the road from work) then i will get home and start doing other things and never end up doing any exercise. So now i have ordered Insanity, which i will be doing at home, in the comfort of my living room, but the plan is to do this in the mornings, before work. I go through spurts with early morning exercise, and i have not been in morning workout mode in a while. But really, i think it's the best time to get it done. You are energized the rest of the day and you dont have other obligations pop up that keep  you from doing it after work (working late, errands that need to be run, dinner plans that come up). So the plan is the do Insanity in the morning, if it doesnt work out some days, no biggie, we can just come home and do it after work.

So after our run, we ran to the grocery for things to finish out the week of meals. I was excited to see that all the Pumpkin spiced beer is out! This is my fav beer season, so of course i got some, and the hubs got a pale ale. Mine of course was way better! ;-)
I know i know, beer is not healthy, but it's a guilty pleasure i like to enjoy in the evenings. I love cooking dinner with the The Accountant, having a beer and enjoying each other's company.

So dinner, was my version of an open-faced sandwich. Mixed greens with a black bean burger, swiss cheese and portabello mushrooms on top. I also added a little ranch dredding to the greens. Very yummy! We also baked a couple fries to have on the side with it!
Now it's time to relax, get my Fantasy Football team in order for Thursday and enjoy the rest of my pumpkin beer :-)

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