Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Insanity Recovery Week and Starting Month 2

Ooooo, Month 1 of Insanity....I miss you already. Last week was my "recovery" week of Insanity. This is a recovery on the Insanity level, not to normal ppl. This is really just a normal workout, it's just at a slower pace, with a lot longer moves and more burning.
I liked this workout, you still broke a sweat and it felt good to my muscles after month 1. It was a lot of the same moves, just slower, but there were some new things thrown in there like "hip flexer burners" and "shoulder burners" and they definitely burned! I didn't even know my hip flexers could burn the way they did! It was a nice break for the week.....which was kind of a tease before starting Month 2. I thought i would lose the intensity i had built up the first month, but i'm sure you don't, Saun T seems to know what he is doing......

Then yesterday started Month 2.....
This makes month 1 seem like a walk around the neighborhood. This is the most ridiculous workout ever. I have never done anything harder (workout wise) in my life. I think i kept screaming "this is crazy" while i was doing the workout....because it is. But I loved it. There are 4 new DVD's this month, Max Interval Circuit, Max Plyo, Max Cardio Conditioning and Max Recovery. I started with the Max Interval Circuit on Monday after work. These worksouts are a full hour rather than 40 minutes, this is 20 extra minutes of full on workouts added onto the first month. But the workouts aren't just longer, they are harder too.

The workout consisted of a 10 minute warm up (it's really a full workout, not a warm-up) followed by 5 minutes of stretching.  Then starts a circuit of four different moves, each 45 seconds long with no rest.  After the 3 minute circuit, you get a 30 second rest to bring your heart rate down and get some water. The circuit is then completed two more times, for a total of three times.  At the end of the third set, there is one more additional move added onto the circuit (just for kicks ;-))

The workout then goes on to two more full circuits with the same set up as above: 4 moves, 45 seconds each without rest, a 30 second break, repeat the circuit twice more, then one more move tacked onto the third set.  After all the circuits are completed, there is a short cooldown stretch, and then you collapse on the floor and die (if you haven't already done so).

Some of these moves are crazy, when i watched him demonstrate the first time, i thought he was crazy. But I did them, not perfect, but I did them.

Then this morning i had to do the Max Plyo workout. I thought this one was even harder than yesterday, but that could have been because i did it at 5:30am. I don't think anyone should workout that hard first thing in the morning. In the end, I was glad i got it done, but it is DEF harder to do that type of workout first thing in the morning. This one had a lot more push-up and shoulder work than the day before, some of the push-ups we had to do i never thought i would be able to complete, so it's kind of cool to see the progession. I cant wait to see how many I can crank out at the end of this!
I think this month is definitely going to be a challenge, but if i can get through it, I think it will provide good results. I already feel a lot fitter since I started. I have not weighed, measured or taken pictures of myself yet, but overall i feel in a lot better shape and have a lot more energy throughout the day.

Wish me luck as I continue this Insane Journey!

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