Monday, October 22, 2012

Insanity Month 1 Recap

So I have officially completed the first month (or 5 weeks in my case, as I did an extra week) of Insanity!! I think this is a pretty big accomplishment and i am only half way through! It took dedication, afternoons i wanted to relax or go out instead of working out, mornings i wanted to sleep in instead of working out, but I pushed through it and followed the schedule pretty much to a T. I will admit a missed a couple work outs here and there (no more than 1 in a week), but still completed at least 5 each week! But really, for 5 weeks, you cannot expect something to come up that you may have to miss a workout. That's real life, whether it be you are not feeling well or sick or something last minute comes up you need to attend. You have to weigh your priorities and decide if pushing through a workout when not feeling well is worth it or beneficial in the long run, or missing seeing that friend or family member to do a workout is worth it.

Overall, i loved the first month of DVDs. i will admit, adding that last week in made it pretty boring, i was ready for something new, so probably should have just gone ahead with the recovery week DVD, but oh well, you live and you learn.

These DVD's were tough, every day was tough, there was never an "easy" workout. The DVD's consisted of Cardio Power and resistance (lots of pushup and tricep work), Plyometric Cardio Circuit, Pure Cardio + cardio abs and Cardio Recovery. Each day i think the DVD is going to be easier than the day prior, but it's not. Even the cardio recovery is hard, you have to stay in long poses that make your whole body burn, but in the end, it feels amazing.

The first week of starting this i thought it was impossible to get through these DVD's without taking several breaks (that SaunT did not announce), but in the end I was able to get through DVD's while only taking 1 or two breaks that weren't already included. The only breaks in the videos are for 30 seconds after about 3 minutes of full on intensity. But if you pay attention to the videos you see even the people in them are having to stop and take breaks, and Saun T encourages it if your form is suffering.

All the videos were about 10 minutes of "warm-up", which is not really a warm up, it is a full on work out. The warm up is the same every day, which gets pretty lame though. Then about 5 minuttes of stretching, and 15-20 minutes of full on insane workouts. It all goes by pretty fast, and i have enjoyed the 45 minute total workouts. I know this is about to end though because month 2 workouts are atleast 60 minutes if not more.

I have been able to tell a big difference in my endurance getting through the workouts. I dont feel like i am going to throw up anymore and I can crank out pushups better than i ever have in the past. As far as my body changing, i personally feel and see i am more toned. I dont think i am to the point for other people to notice, but i see it. I think mainly my thighs are much more stronger and muscular along with my triceps and sholders. The only day we do tricep work is in the Cardio Power and Resistance, but it is a lot of different tricep dips, and more than i ever did in the past. There is shoulder work every day, whether it be a variety of pushups, or burpees or planks, you are always working your shoulders. I think i have lost muscle in my biceps, i was doing pretty consistant bicep work before i started this program and there is Nothing in here that works them, but that is one price you pay for not using weights. Also, the ab work is limited. There is one Ab video, that you do after Pure Cardio. It is a good ab workout, and i really enjoy it, but you only do it once, maybe twice a week. But, during all the workouts Saun T always tells you to contract and try to work your abs.

Next on the Calendar is a recovery week. it is a DVD you do every day for a week that is supposed to help your body recover for the second month of even more intense workouts. I think it will be nice to have an easy week but I may miss the high intensity workouts.
So that is my thoughts on Insanity so far.

Overall, I love it, and would definitely recommend it to someone looking for a new workout routine. But, be prepared, it is HARD, even for someone already in shape. And, it takes time and dedication, but I think it is a great workout and it makes it even better you can do it at home!

I will do a recap later in the week of how the Recovery week is going!

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