Tuesday, October 16, 2012

No Meat Monday!

Phew, what a weekend!! It consisted of more football, birthday parties and Prison Break! It was fun, but another exhausting weekend that needed an additional day to recover.

This week starts another round of the 1st month of Insanity. I decided to extend the first month of DVD's another week since it is still pretty challenging and I am in no rush to get through it. I am kind of making my own schedule of which DVD i want to do which day, but none will be back to back and I will do the recovery DVD on Thursday (which is my fav!).

Yesterday I did a little bit of grocery shopping. I did not buy a whole lot since we still had some stuff left from last week but on the list was:
Sub rolls
Spinach/arugula mix
Granola bars
Deli meat
canned soups
Frozen spinach
Almond Milk
Kashi cereal (cinnamon flavor)
Coffee creamer

For dinner we made a meal with NO Meat!! Which is very rare in our house. I think we had enough Quinoa though to not miss the protein of the meat.
We cooked quinoa then added cooked mushrooms and spinach and tossed it with olive oil and salt/pepper. It was really yummy and there was plenty left over for lunch today!

Along with this, we cooked the butter beans and squash we bought at the Farmer's market last week.
We had never cooked butter beans our self, but they were really easy and really yummy! All we did was boil them for about 30 minutes and add our own seasoning to them. In the future I would probably cook them in some chicken broth or meat flavor, but for improvising they turned out great.

Along with that we roasted some squash. All in all, a great Meat-less meal!

I dont think i could ever be a vegeterian, (although, never say never), but I think this is a good meal substitute! Just make sure you still get your protein, in whatever form you can!

I'll keep you updated on what other meals come out of those grocery ingredients!

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