Friday, October 12, 2012


So, i think i found my new favorite fall/winter veggie......Okra!!! Wow, it is amaaazing! I had never cooked it before, and embarrassingly enough, only eaten it either fried or in some type of veggie soup.
So when we went to the Farmer's Market this past Sunday i decided to buy some and try cooking it (NOT fried)! It was way better than I ever expected!
I decided to roast it, which is always a pretty fail proof way to cook a veggie. I cut off the stems, and sliced them in half long ways and layed them out on a baking sheet. then covered with olive oil and sea salt and baked on 400 degrees for about 30 minutes.
These were SO tasty, they were a little crispy, not slimey at all, and had a Great flavor!

Along with this we made baked chicken in a bbq sauce and Quinoa which we added the BBQ juice from the chicken on it, yum yum....i want some now just talking about it!

I have not been able to post much this week or take many food pics, so sorry for that! But on Wednesday night we decided to make some tacos! We used to do tacos pretty often but fell off the wagon recently. We use ground chicken for ours, and then taco seasoning. Top that with lettuce, cheese and salsa and on top of a whole wheat tortilla and you got an awesome and healthy meal!
And of course you cannot have tacos without Beer!!

For an Insanity update....this week is the last week on the schedule for the first month of workouts. The calendar for Insanity says that after the 1st month, you do 1 week of a "recovery" video (notice i put recovery in quotations, because i am pretty sure it's not really recovering), then the second month you start the second set of DVD's called the "MAX" level Insanity workouts. I am thinking I am going to do another week of the first month of DVD's. I am not really in a rush to get through the workout plan and still find the first video's tough, where i am not just going through the motions, so i figured i would do it a little longer before going into the next phase.
I will be doing a fit test on Monday to still track my progress after the first month and will post those on here! I will also give a full recap of the first month.

This is definitely a TGIF kind of week, been a busy and mentally stressful week at work, but for good reasons since I have been training on a new process we will be using at work soon.

Looking forward to the nice fall weather this weekend and some football! Hope you all have a great weekend as well and maybe even try to cook up some okra!!

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