Monday, November 5, 2012

Sunday Shopping List

Sunday I finally had the chance to make it to Trader Joes after not being there for a couple weeks. I can usually get what I need at the local Kroger, but I just love Trader Joes and usually find some new fun things to try out! I may have gone a little overboard since I had not been in a while, but i am sure it will all get eaten :-)

Broccoli/Carrot Slaw
Spaghetti Squash


Pork chops
Lean ground turkey
Frozen Sword Fish
Frozen Tilapia
Deli Turkey
Salmon Patties

Brown rice
Whole Wheat tortillas
Cinnamon Crumpets

Some special finds I am excited to try!

Salmon Patties. I heard good things about these and cannot wait to try them out for a quick dinner or lunch!

TriColor Quinoa:

Not a new find, but a weekly staple.....Dark Chocolate!
 And my Favorite purchase....Pumpkin Butter and Pumpkin bread/muffin Mix!! I actually bought this muffin mix last year and it was awesome, so I bought it again along with this new pumpkin butter I cannot wait to try! When they hand you samples of this stuff it's pretty hard not to buy it.

I will try and post some of this weeks meals with these groceries. I still have some things left over from last week I need to use too, like cauliflower and peppers. I will post what meals come out of all this goodness!

First week of Month 2 Insanity is complete and day 1 of the second week was finished today! Only 3 more weeks left of this insane workout!!

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